It was our first visit to The Kings arms which from the outside just looks like a pub but inside is the home to a small theatre in the roof. This is where Absolute Certainty took place.

The play by Stewart Campbell focused on the lives of two brothers and one of the brothers best friends. 

Finn is off to Uni, Lee is brothers best mate wants to teach him how to have fun and look out for himself. Deano is not so so keen to have his younger brother cramping his style. 

Despite Deano's best efforts to stop their friendship they get closer when Lee begins to pass on secret messages. 

One drunken night a line is crossed but by who? 

A very well written play by Stewart Campbell and produced by Daniel Waterhouse. The cast also interact very well with each other with a brilliant mix of humour and very serious subjects covered. The chemistry between the characters is very believable. 

The play comes from another local theatre company called Qweerdog which showcases stories with an LGBT theme. We are looking forward to seeing where this company goes in the next few years. 

We are proud to support the whole of the LGBTQ community