Introduce yourself?

My name's Bradley Birkholz and I'm an American living here in the United Kingdom. I was recently named one of the most influential LGBT+ persons in Wales on the 2018 Pinc List which sounds a bit pretentious, but I am very passionate about LGBT+ issues and consider myself an activist first and a creator second. I also perform as a musician, actor, and drag artist.

What made you set up a Youtube channel? 

I set up my YouTube channel originally with the aim of sharing my acoustic piano covers with friends and family back home in California, where I'm from - but eventually I decided to open my content up to talk about my coming out story and more recently my immigration journey. I was very inspired by other LGBT+ creators at the time.

What can people expect from your youtube channel?

My channel content tends to focus on LGBT+ topics, but I cover a range of socio-political discussions, I publish acoustic piano covers, travel vlogs, immigration related content, and much more! I've been told my unique selling point is intellectual discourse, and honestly, I'm quite happy with that.

What made you come to live in the UK?

I originally came to live in the U.K. to study English literature and music at Cardiff University in Wales. I loved living in the U.K. and have just never left!

What is your favourite type of music?

My favourite type of music is really a lot of songs from queer artists like Olly Alexander, but I'm also a huge fan of French pop and indie music, especially anything from Stromae!

What countries in the world would you still like to visit?

Gosh I really want to visit all the countries in the world! I love to travel so much and I've got quite a few on my list, but I'd love to complete Europe at some point, and I still have a few countries to go on that list, and I'd also really love to go to Japan and Korea. But also France again, because I haven't been to France in far too long!

What are your plans for 2019?

I already have quite a lot planned in 2019, and I'm super excited about it and trying not to get overwhelmed. I really want to pursue publishing my latest novel more seriously, and I'm also quite possibly going on a theatre tour with my show I've co-produced called Here, Queer, & Mentally Unclear, exploring the intersection of LGBT+ identity and mental health. We already have shows coming up in February and summer of 2019, so that's super exciting! And in addition to all that I have loads of exciting new content in the works for my YouTube channel which I'm extremely excited to share!

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