How did you get into acting?

I think I fell into it in a way. I remember being fairly dramatic as a child, and imitating scenes for my mum and dad from films or tv shows I’d seen, and I was always making sketches with my brother for the family at Christmas. They thought I should go to drama classes and so they took me, but I hated it and was really terrified of going on stage. I was only about six at this point, but I picked it back up again once I was in high school. From then on I really used it as an escape mechanism from difficult circumstances, but from that grew a passion for storytelling and I think at maybe 15 I’d really decided that I wanted to be an actor, and I think that decision dictated most of my life choices from then on.

How did you get the part in Jock?


I knew Adam Zane, the writer and director of Jock Night, from my brief time at Salford University before I went to drama school. He was a tutor of ours, and so that’s how we came to know each other. Adam initially asked me to audition for the role of Simon for Jock Night - Part 2 as part of Hope Theatre Company’s annual OutStageUs festival 2018, which I got, but at the time we didn’t know there were plans to tour a full length piece.

Tell us about Absolute Certainty?


So Absolute Certainty? is Qweerdog Theatre’s latest play which explores the relationship between two brothers and a best friend when familial secrets, a school-boy crush and drunken sexual discovery are all thrown into the mix. Finn is an intelligent lad who’s off to Uni, and Lee, his brother's best mate, wants to teach him ‘how to have fun AND to look after himself’. Deano, a builder that lives for the weekend, is not so keen to have his younger brother cramping his style. Yet despite his best efforts to discourage their friendship, Finn and Lee get closer when Lee passes on a secret message from their estranged mother. In an environment where no-one is safe to talk about feelings, let alone sexuality, it’s easy to misread the signs. One drunken night, a line is crossed; but by who? What actually happened? It’s difficult to find out when nobody wants to talk. So there’s a lot packed into the play, and I think it’s really refreshing to see something that explores elements of innocence when attempting to navigate the challenges that arise when we explore our sexualities. Where can people see it and when? Absolute Certainty? will be performed at the Kings Arms Theatre, Salford and runs from Wednesday 22nd - Sunday 26th May at 8pm, with weekend matinees. Tickets are available from the Kings Arms Theatre website.

In Jock you get naked are you comfortable with your body?


Quite a tricky question! I think the answer is both yes and no. Obviously I’m comfortable enough with my body to take the job of Simon in Jock Night otherwise there’d be no way I could have done it, but I did lose a stone in weight in the weeks leading up to the show opening and it was a fairly drastic diet (Keto - extremely effective), so maybe some would say that doesn't sound so confident or comfortable. In reality I lost the weight because Simon is a porn performer who would be either fairly slender or muscular by current standards in that industry. It was easier for me to lose weight quickly than to gain muscle, so that’s why I chose the diet, as I felt it was important to get that element of the character right for both the audience and myself.

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