It was our first visit to the Hope Theatre and what a fab theatre it is tucked away in the Ancoats area of Manchester.  The theatre was set up in 2004 to showcase work for the LGBT community by the LGBT community. 

Jock night is based on interviews and meetings Adam Zane the writer and producer had with organisations and individuals over 2 years who had been affected by some of the issues explored in the play. The organisations included Prepstar, Porn4prep, The LGBT foundation and the Gay/Bi men's group at the George House Trust.  Adam says that although the play is fiction almost all the content is based on stories that have been told to him during his research. 

The play takes place of the course of four Jock nights in June, August, October and December. Jock night is real club night set up by MJ Palmer a personal trainer in Manchester. It aims to be a new type of club night that encorporated the mild side of a fetish night with all the fun of a dance party. A inclusive night that lacked attitude and had a real sense of community. 

As the name suggests Jock has a strict dress code policy of underwear or sports kit. 

The cast are Ben played by Adam Waddington, Russ played by Sam Blackhurst, Kam played by Sam Goodchild, AJ played by Levi Payne and Simon played by Daniel Waterhouse. 

The play lasts 80 minutes and without an interval and features one set with the main feature being a bed. The play begins with a simulated threesome. Far from being uncomfortable to watch it the writing brings light relief to the scene. The play is very funny throughout with some great writing from Adam but what is also fantastic is they don't shy away from difficult subjects like PrEP and being undetectable regarding HIV to the hard reality of Chemsex and other drugs. The beauty of the play is that you can be laughing at one point and in a split second there are heart wrenching scenes. 

As well as the simulated sex scenes there is some nudity from all the actors. The play is called Jock so don't see the play if you are offended by a naked bum as all the cast get naked at some point. The play though is so well written and acted that the nudity from the actors that you do get used to seeing the bums. The chemistry between the cast feels very natural and they feel very at ease with each other which is good as they have to get their kit off. 

A truly entertaining play that we fully recommend that you see either in Manchester, Birmingham or London on the dates and locations below. 


8 - 13 April 2019

Hope Mill Theatre


24 - 27 April 2019

Old Joint Stock


30 April - 11 May

King's Head Theatre

We are proud to support the whole of the LGBTQ community