Introduce yourself?

I’m is Rob King, and I’m a singer from Manchester.

How would you describe your music?

My musical style is mainly big pop hits, divas and musical theatre. Basically anything that I can really SING. A lot of what I do is cabaret singing, but I tend to do a bit of everything here and there.

Who would you love to duet with?

I love duetting with friends because there is nothing better than sharing a musical moment with someone you love. If I ever had a celebrity duet Leona Lewis would be pretty high up on the list, I’ve always loved her voice and style.

Where in the world would you like to perform at and why?

I’d love to perform at iconic concert venues like the Royal Albert Hall one day, but really give me stage and an audience in a theatre setting and I’d be so happy!

Single or taken?

I am currently single. I lead a busy life, and it’s hard to find someone to share the little time I have with!

Are Pride events still important?

Pride events have always been really important to me. They definitely have their critics as to whether they’re “needed”, especially after huge steps forward for LGBT+ rights over the last few years, but homophobia and transphobia is still rife even here in the UK. I find the treatment of trans people in the media lately especially disturbing. Until stigma and targeted harassment ends for LGBT+ people, prides will always be more than just a “party”. And after that, if that day ever comes, we deserve to celebrate having come so far! I love performing at prides and have appeared at many around the country.

When you are not performing what do you like to do?

I rarely have free time, when I’m not performing I tend to be doing my day job. I’ve also recently taking up teaching a school choir and a community choir which I’ve been working with for the last three months. I generally like to relax, see my friends, and spend time with my dog!

Plans for the next 12 months?

Over the next 12 months I’m going to be working hard to continue to establish myself. 2018 has been one of my most productive years as a singer so I want to carry that on! I’ll be appearing again as a judge on BBC One’s “All Together Now”, starting with a celebrity special on Christmas Eve with the new series to follow in the new year. I’m hoping to carry on working with my former high school, teaching the choirs and maybe more! I also host a monthly Gin and Jazz afternoon and have a cabaret residency on Manchester’s Canal Street, both of which I’m hoping will continue throughout the year. I’d ultimately love to take what I do around the country at some point and establish myself outside of Manchester.

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